Sam Moves

dc2015-address2Well I suppose I couldn’t just leave him.

Sam Tennis

dc2015-tennis2I’ve been making tennis comics for years, but it was just this month I went to see a match live at the Aus Open. It was pretty hilarious at times. No, I did not see the match where the ball boy got hit in the balls by a 200km serve.

Sam’s Delivery Service.

dc2014-christmas2Hey all! I hope December is treating you fine and you aren’t all getting yourself too worked up over indulgence day, because Sam is guaranteed to make it a great one with his new job delivering the presents. It might be a tough job travelling the world in a night, perhaps harder than my job at the grain silo over summer, but Sam will prevail!

See you in 2015, My resolution next year is to ANIMATE, ANIMATE, ANIMATE.

Wild Ride.


PAX is on this weekend! I don’t know if there will be as many cosplayers on the train as pictured, but I’m mostly going to have my face glued to my 3DS and fighting random people that own Smash Bros. The joy of modern technology, smashing people on the go.

Just Dance.


Is bi-weekly updates becoming a thing again? Don’t know if I can answer that, but starting next week you might be able to expect a return to something that I haven’t done in a while.

Occasionally I post stuff on this site about work outside of Sam the Dawg, like animations and things I’ve been participating in. If you want to take things the next step further in following what I do, you can follow me on twitter @jamesharkmeido. I also tweet when I upload comics or animations, so get that in your feed?