What/Who am I?

I am the young lance free-drawer whatever cartoonist – James Stuart! alot of cool people just call me Jimi, Jimmy OR Jimmi.
I’ve been livin in the small town of Dunolly since the day I was imported here from Bendigo Hospital.

How long have you been drawing for?

when I first picked up a texta and drew all over the house’s walls.
As a kid I drew a unbelievable amount of pictures and characters, most of them inspired from video games played and cartoons I watched.
Notabley Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, The Power Puff Girls and Snoopy.

With these comics in particular I’ve been doing them for the towns local paper since 2006.
I was only 12 when I submitted my first comic into the editors office hoping they’d see potential in my work, and thankfully they did!
So that’s how I got in this mess.

What on earth was your contention of creating this site!?

Seeing as the Dunolly Welcome record only has very few outlets out of town, I could’nt really expand on my audience without going through all the trouble of organising to work for multiple papers by myself. but theres this fantastic thing called the internet where you can share content worldwide. so I then managed to pull together this blog site where now anyone can read them!


uh yes, when I’m drawing I’m equipped with:

-A Pencil (to pre-sketch everything before I Fine-line it)
-An Eraser (to get rid of uneeded lines when I’m pre-sketching and to get rid of the pre-sketch once I’ve FineLined it)
-A medium sized Fine Liner (to do all the main ink work, I’ve currently been using Uni Pin’s pens. still looking for better brands)
-A small sized Fine Liner (to do all my details and shading)
-A ruler (only to get the margins correct for my borders)

then when that parts done:

-I use a Canon scanner to put my comics on the computer
-Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the program I use for all my digital editing, colouring and stuff.
-I use my Wacom Bamboo tablet for when I’m colouring with the multiply tool, as it makes filling in the lines feel more easier, exact and quicker!

Can I use your comics somewhere or repost them places?

YES! YES! PLEASE DO! aslong as you keep the site name I am 100% cool with it.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

sometimes I make animations….?

I want to contact you:

no probs

Email: Jimighost@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. dont worry your website is much better now then when you first starded because when you first starded there was like only one comic.

    from your sis Nicki again

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