Sam the Samurai

dc2013-mikadoit’s the gilbert and sullivans event in town this weekend, with a local performance of the mikado as the featurette! last week we had the first preview showing of it, and with the antics of some of the actors like koko’s, they shown that when things don’t go to as planned they can always lead to the best possibilities. sure sam is no exception.

and not long after me posting this I’ll have to go on stage again to play my role as Nanki-poo, I guess I better break a leg.

One thought on “Sam the Samurai

  1. Epic James, totally awesome! Hahaha, your characters are wonderful- full of emotion and style! Very cool costumes and action sequences~! I actually have not seen the Mikado in its entirety, but if it’s half as amazing as your comic rendition, then my excitement cannot be contained, wanting to watch it as soon as possible!! I wish you luck in all your performances, Nanki-Poo =D

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