lazy summer

Record breaking
Record breaking
Not Rabbit Season
Not Rabbit Season

yeah some weeks I forget to update the site then I’m like “gah I’ll just post 2 next week”.

also my long time readers might know that during december and january I take a break from doing comics, as the paper I draw them for goes on holiday too. seeing I have a website now and I can upload these whenever, I’m thinking I’ll keep doing them.

I’m trying to get some Dunolly Comics christmas cards done sometime next week too, might be a bit too violent for some peoples tastes but hehe they’re fun ideas.


2 thoughts on “lazy summer

  1. Yeah you’re like what 3 comic behind right now?
    Still ahead of Razy’s whale!
    I like how all the lines in the first panel makes it look like a tense or dramatic moment. Also, those two halves are most certainly not a perfect match.

  2. I prolly sound like a dummy for saying this but, OMG, what’s it like for Christmas to come in the summer? Australia’s like some bizarro alternate universe!
    Nice touch of shading to give some atmosphere to the work. Yeah, it’s good to keep doing comics even when it’s not required of you– then, later, you can slack off all you want with a surplus to back you up!

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